Hida Kuma

Hida Bushi


Clan: Crab
Family: Hida
School: Hida War College
Insight: 152
Fire: 2

  • Agility 3
  • Intelligence 2
    Earth: 4
  • Stamina 4
  • Willpower 4
    Air: 2
  • Reflexes 2
  • Awareness 2
    Water: 3
  • Strength 3
  • Perception 3
    Void: 2

Archery … 1
Athletics … 2
Battle … 1
Defense … 2
Intimidation … 1
Jiujutsu … 1
Kenjutsu … 3
Tetsubo … 1

Courtier … 1
Etiquette … 1
Hunting … 2
Investigation … 1
Law … 1
Lore: Shadowlands … 1
Lore: Crab Clan … 1
Sincerity … 1
Theology … 1

Hida Bushi Rank 1: The Way of the Crab
- The bushi begins by learning how to tap into his own Earth energy. Every time the bushi rolls to hit and damage, he adds his Earth to the total of the roll. Also, because Crab bushi training is always done in full armor, they can ignore the penalties other bushi suffer from wearing Full Armor.


Kuma’s Family:

Kuma’s father’s parents were both bushi, and both Hida. Hida Umatada was a fierce and intelligent warrior, while his wife Hida Hanji was fearless and strong. Together they served for many years on the Kaiu Wall, fighting countless enemies from the Shadowlands. They also had a large family with six children total. Their marriage was political, but they respected each other and did their duty to the clan. In one particularly savage battle the Crab had to fight a good-sized army organized out of the Shadowlands. Hida Hanji joined the front lines, and while her tetsubo took many enemies that day, an oni managed to end her life. Umatada still lives, tough as old leather, and teaches strategy and battlefield tactics to Hida bushi.

Kuma’s mother’s father, Kuni Jingo, was a witch-hunter who traveled all of Rokugan seeking Maho-Tsukai. While in Phoenix lands he met an Ishiken, an Isawa shugenja named Menuki. She was hunting the same Maho-Tsukai as he was, and they agreed to work together. His knowledge and skills combined with her powerful Void magic proved more than enough to stop him. They continued to work together, and soon fell in love. In time they gained permission from each clan and were married. They returned to Crab lands when Menuki was pregnant, and there their first and only child was born. Jingo was called away, however, to destroy a particularly nasty Bloodspeaker, a Kuni shugenja who had summoned a powerful oni and given it her name. He tracked them both to Ryoko Owari, and assisted some Emerald Magistrates who managed to kill the oni. When facing the shugenja, however, Jingo was killed. Menuki stayed in Crab lands, raising her daughter who grew to become a shugenja in her own right. Once her daughter was married, however, Menuki returned to Phoenix lands, where she still lives.

Kuma’s father, Hida Hirata, served with distinction as a bushi and gained a reputation as a particularly skilled duelist and expert in kenjutsu. He is a kenjutsu trainer at the Hida bushi school and taught Kuma the blade for his entire life. His mother, Hida Kasuga, is a shugenja and a scholar among the Kuni. His parents had a typical arranged marriage, though they were fortunate enough to actually fall in love as well. He has one sibling, a younger sister named Mariko who is very intelligent and has a knack for engineering and building things.

Hida Kuma

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