Soshi Mayoko

Soshi Shugenja


Clan: Scorpion
Family: Soshi
School: Soshi Shugenja

Fire: 3
– Agility 3
– Intelligence 3
Earth: 2
– Stamina 2
– Willpower 2
Air: 3
– Reflexes 3
– Awareness 3
Water: 2
– Strength 2
– Perception 2
Void: 2

Calligraphy 1
Courtier 3
Sincerity 3
Meditation 1
Theology 1
Etiquette 3
Acting 3
Scorpion Lore 1
Shugenja Lore 1
Kenjutsu 2
Herbalism 1

Dangerous Beauty

Social Disadvantage

– Essence of Air
– Winds of Distraction
– Tempest of Air
– Path to Inner Peace
– Sympathetic Energies
– The Fire from Within


She stood in the middle of the clearing, slowly turning as her mind struggled to take in the sheer brutality that had befallen her companions. She knelt by the closest body and reached a trembling hand forward, stopping just short of touching. Even without closer inspection she knew that life had long since fled and he was far beyond the kami’s reach.

Her eyes swept to each broken body in turn. They had been set upon as they slept and not a single one remained among the living. She felt tears in her eyes and struggled to hold them back as she noted their leader sprawled next to his tatami, one hand clenched around his saya, the other halfway to the hilt of his katana. Even as he died he had reached for his weapon. Not a warrior’s death. Not an honorable death. It had been a slaughter.

The assailant’s tracks were in the dirt and headed off to the north. It was her duty to follow them and usher them to the gates of Jigoku and surrender them to the care of Yakamo no Oni. She must fulfill her duty or die trying. She had a feeling it would be the latter. Her attention returned to her companions.

There were no eta here, and none but herself to say the final blessings for the dead but she said the ritual prayers as best she could and then begged forgiveness of the spirits of her fallen comrades. With any luck they would rest in peace.

She gathered what supplies she could from the scattered provisions and headed north. She had little skill at such and thus took several wrong turns but she was persistent and backtracked as needed to regain their trail. As she traveled she prayed to the kami to grant her assistance so that she could complete her task.

Soshi Mayoko

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